Gender Just Climate Solutions

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  • Description of the project: Madre Tierra supports the creation of Solidarity Microcredit Funds between women to improve their housing and access to drinking water. The first phase of the project presents housing improvement processes (like access to tap water and internal electricity), representing an improvement in the living conditions and tasks performed by women such as care and domestic work. The habitat improvement is expected to empower women to identify read more…

    Years: 2017
    Countries: Argentina
    Partido de General Alvear, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Description of the project: Acacias For All is a social enterprise involved in the restoration of degraded ecosystems through reforestation and sustainable agriculture. The objective is to plant 2 green barriers of acacias through the country, protected by an agreement signed by the Ministry of Agriculture. The project implements alternatives to intensive agricultural techniques (e.g. organic agriculture, permaculture, agroforestry) and stimulates the start-up of cooperatives which generates employment and revenues. read more…

    Years: 2017
    Countries: Tunisia
    رمادة الغربية, رمادة, Tataouine, Tunisia
  • Description of the project: Rue Rangoli highlights solidarity upcycling initiatives throughout the world to promote sustainable consumption of eco-friendly products, useful and accessible to all, as well as economic integration. The organization launches partnerships with craftsmen who create innovative solutions for the environment and supports the emergence of green production sectors based on waste materials. It supports the creation of sustainable jobs for populations that are discriminated against (particularly women) read more…

    Years: 2017
    Countries: France
    Rue des Sablons, Les Loges, Les Rosiers-sur-Loire, Gennes-Val-de-Loire, Saumur, Maine-et-Loire, Pays de la Loire, Metropolitan France, 49350, France
  • Description of the project: This Aabash Memorial Foundation (AMF) project empowers marginalized women facing climate change and water scarcity in the Khokana community, Nepal, through practical assessments and trainings on environmental resilience. Actions are put in place through knowledge dissemination on climate impacts; along with practical assessments. Women are empowered to be self-reliant in terms of decision-making concerning water-retaining vegetables for improved cropping, knowledge of biodynamic farming systems, climate change read more…

    Years: 2017
    Countries: Nepal
    Parwanipur, Sarlahi, Janakpur, Central Development Region, Nepal
  • WINNER Description of the project: The project “Seeds for Hope” improves the climate resilience, food sovereignty and economic autonomy of farming communities (20,000 people) in the valley of Derhadun, in Northern India, relying on women’s knowledge and action. They are trained to reproduce and conserve local seeds, learn agro-ecological techniques and food transformation, which reinforces their power to make decisions. The project is led in partnership with the association Navdanya, read more…

    Years: 2017
    Countries: India
    Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India