Gender Just Climate Solutions

The Women and Gender Constituency, along with other women, gender, and human rights advocates, has been actively pushing world leaders to ensure just and equitable climate policies that put respect of people’s rights and the integrity of the planet first, while responding to injustice among and within countries in relation to climate impacts and resilience.

We know the solutions to a more sustainable future already exist – and it is time to showcase them far and wide and demand change! 

Since 2015 and the establishment of the Paris Agreement, the Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards program aims at showcasing, amplifying and scaling gender-responsive transformative climate initiatives. These locally-driven solutions promote democracy, making gender equality and women’s rights central to just climate action.

Three awarded solutions, over a dozen additional honorees, and solutions from Women and Gender Constituency Members are featured in a publication every year of the GJCS Awards. All the solutions featured in each publication are displayed in this directory, where they can be sorted by country, region, and topic. Get inspired by more than 150 solutions showing that a different world is possible.

In December 2020, the Women and Gender Constituency celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards by hosting a special virtual event during the UN Climate Change Dialogues 2020, “Gender-transformative climate action from the ground”. This celebration, together with the launch of the special edition of the 2020 Gender Just Climate Solution Publication, presented locally owned solutions that have demonstrated success on the ground and have potential for shifting power relations, ensuring women’s rights and leadership as well as transformative impact for our planet.

The webinar was hosted in English with interpretation into Spanish and French and can be viewed below. To access the French or Spanish interpretation, please contact

2023 Gender Just Climate Solutions (8th edition)

ENGLISH                                 FRENCH                                SPANISH                           ARABIC


2022 Gender Just Climate Solutions (7th edition)

ENGLISH                               FRENCH                                  SPANISH                         ARABIC


2021 Gender Just Climate Solutions (6th edition)

ENGLISH                                FRENCH                                 SPANISH                             ARABIC


2020 special edition

presenting the accomplishment of 15 award winners who implemented Gender Just Climate Solutions all around the world

ENGLISH                                  FRENCH                                  SPANISH                                ARABIC                  


2019 Gender Just Climate Solutions (5th edition)

 ENGLISH                                         FRENCH                                            SPANISH


The 2023 Application Cycle has closed. We are currently not accepting any applications. The next application process will open in 2024.

To receive updates on the Gender Just Climate Solutions initiative, including announcements of new application periods, join the Women and Gender Constituency’s advocacy list using this form. Your form will be reviewed and your address added to the list within one week.

Selection Criteria for Gender Just Climate Solutions

  1. Provides equal access to benefits for women, men and youth
  2. Aims to alleviate and/or does not add additional burden to women’s workload (such as via additional natural resource management or care responsibilities without compensation)
  3. Empowers women through better mobility/accessibility, enhanced livelihood security, enhanced food security, improved health, access to safe water, etc. (as many benefits as possible)
  4. Promotes women’s democratic rights and participation by ensuring decision-making by local women, men, women’s groups, cooperatives and communities
  5. Locally led and/or locally driven (decentralized and appropriate)
  6. Ensures self-sufficiency & a low input of resources (safe, affordable and sustainable)
  7. Contributes to climate change mitigation, emissions reduction and/or climate adaptation (the project is sustainable)
  8. Results can be shared, spread & scaled up (replicable elsewhere, not just benefiting one individual)
  9. Shows interlinkages to cross-cutting issues, such as (including, but not restricted to) peace-building, natural resources management, food security and/or health, water and sanitation


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