WGC Announces Gender Just Climate Solutions Award Winners 2017


14 November 2017, Press Conference Gender Just Climate Solutions Award Winners   WHAT On UNFCCC’s Gender Day there will be a press conference with the winners who will talk about their projects and the impact of being awarded. A COP23 official side event: Women & Gender Constituency’s (WGC) annual award ceremony & publication launch. Each… Read More

Press Release: WGC Action #MindtheGAP


MEDIA ADVISORY Media Contact:Hanna Gunnarsson +49 152 04058573 hanna.gunnarsson@wecf.org 7 November, 2017: ACTION “#MindTheGAP” WHAT On Tuesday November 7, 2017, the Women and Gender Constituency of the UNFCCC will host an interactive ACTION at COP23 to highlight the importance of the Gender Action Plan (GAP) and reinforce our demands for the negotiations. We will be… Read More

Intervention for Informal stocktaking plenary by the President, Dinda Yura

Bonn, Germany (November 11, 2017) – Unfortunately no interventions by Constituencies could be delivered in the Informal stocktaking plenary by the President. In the intervention Dinda Yura would have delivered on behalf of Women and Gender Constituency, she would have began with the intervention with congratulating Parties on the finalization of the text for the Gender Action Plan…. Read More

Intervention for Presidency’s Open Dialogue with NGO Constituencies and Parties, Lisa Göldner

Bonn, Germany (November 8, 2017) –Lisa Göldner of GenderCC in Presidency’s Open Dialogue with NGO Constituencies and Parties delivered the intervention on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency. She re-emphasised the importance of full and equal participation of women and other marginalised peoples’ groups in UNFCCC process and the necessary  funding to support those groups. She also highlighted that civil society’s unique… Read More

COP 23 Opening, Laura Cooper Hall

Bonn, Germany (November 7, 2017) – At the opening session of COP 23 Laura Cooper Hall of WEDO delivered the intervention on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency. She highlited the urgent need to raise pre-2020 ambition and accountability for long-term finance by providing increased levels of public finance. She further emphasised both GCF and the GEF as operating… Read More

APA 1-4 Opening, Vera Zhou

Bonn, Germany (November 07, 2017) – Vera Zhou of WEDO delivered the intervention on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency at the opening session of the APA. She emphasised that the implementation of the Paris Agreement must promote gender equality, human rights, the rights of indigenous peoples, just transition, and food security, additionally, she demanded all countries to fully… Read More

SBI/SBSTA Joint Opening, Shradha Shreejaya

BONN, Germany (November 6, 2017) – Shradha Shreejaya of APWLD,  in SBI/SBSTA joint opening plenary, addressed the Gender Action Plan and reminded Parties that a comprehensive, targeted and resourced Plan is a critical outcome for COP23 and that Parties must make explicit financial commitments. She also emphasized the urgent need to break free from fossil fuel… Read More

SBI47/SBSTA47 Joint Closing, Ndivile Mokoena

BONN, Germany (November 14, 2017) – Ndivile Mokoena of GenderCC-Women for Climate Justice Southern Africa,  in SBI/SBSTA joint closing plenary, appreciated the adoption of the first Gender Action Plan under the UNFCCC. She emphasised that the implementation of the GAP needs to be closely monitored and fully funded, and that Parties need to come forward with… Read More

COP23/CMA Closing, Chiara Soletti

BONN, Germany (November 17, 2017) – Chiara Soletti, on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency, in COP23/CMA joint closing plenary, thanked the Fijian Presidency for their commitment towards making COP23 a success. Yet, she also warned all Parties that this COP was characterized by slow progress and insufficient commitments. Whereas the adoption of the Gender… Read More