SBSTA 45 Closing, Daisy Emoekabu

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 14, 2016) – Daisy Emoekabu delivered the intervention on the 45th session of the SBSTA and stressed her deep concern about marked based mechanism. “We vehemently reject the inclusion of land use in carbon markets. We are particularly upset about the proposals for an international offsetting mechanism for the emissions produced by the aviation… Read More

SBI 45 Closing, Daniela Rangel

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 14, 2016) – Daniela Rangel from Gender Equity in Mexico, on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency, welcomed in the closing of the 45th Session of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) the prolongation of the Lima Work Program. She underlined that the Decision on Gender and Climate Change on Agenda item 16… Read More

SBSTA 45 Opening, Gertrude Kenyangi

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 7, 2016) – Gertrude Kenyangi, for the opening of the SBSTA, raised concerns about the Sustainable Development Mechanism mandated under the Paris Agreement, noting that previous market-based mechanisms developed under the UNFCCC have failed to reduce GHG emissions and have often caused human and women’s rights violations as well as other environmental harms…. Read More

SBI 45 Opening, Mabel Monica Agba

Marrakech, Morocco (November, 7, 2016) -Mabel Monica Agba, delivered the opening of the SBI addressing three specific agenda items, the extension of the Lima Work Programme on Gender, with a call for the establishment of a Gender Action Plan, capacity building, the composition of the Paris Committee on Capacity Building (PCCB) and National Adaptation Plans. Mabel… Read More